Global scholars is one stop result for all study abroad, immigration, career comforting, university selection, trip backing. global scholars has appreciatively affected the career issues of innumerous applicants and our ongoing relationship with our scholars has been a gratifying story of unequaled success


                                                    Our Mission

 The Misson of global scholars is to give innovative study visa services that broaden academic, living and working perspectives, promote global mindfulness and encourage particular development while laying the foundation for participants to come engaged global citizens

                                               Admission guidance

 Global scholars assess the scholars’ English language chops & his previous scholar’s profile. Also after assaying, we give our stylish recommendations regarding the stylish suitable study course for the scholars

.                                        Colleges/ universities selection

 Global scholars help scholars get admission into universities or sodalities that stylish suit their particular, academic, fiscal and other parameters


                                             Study visa comforting

 Global scholars make sure that all possible efforts are taken to guide scholars in opting their study programs and tell them in details their visa type, condition and obligation 


we believe in Transparency, Authentic and Truthfulness .

we belief that trust is major thing in any business so  We put  a high value on trust. We always tried our best to give our clients honest legal advice that is in their best interests. Honesty is our major asset & we are happy to say NO rather than giving false hopes." Hari Krishna  is a trusted immigration consultation  that works with worldwide clients. We are always realistic about expect actions and the chances of its fulfilment. We are always looking ahead to provide transparent consultation to our clients assisting in their dream immigration. Our vision stands as becoming the leader in immigration services as a trusted immigration consultancy with standard service and client oriented. Client success are also ours.